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Minutes of the Wollaton West LAG Meeting held at the Wollaton Library, Bramcote Lane, Wollaton on Tuesday ,9th .March,2010.



1.Paul and Frances came from the Road Safety Department of Nottingham City Council to talk to the group about the 20mph zone  covering the Bramcote Lane/ Arleston Drive and Parkside area of Wollaton as residents had raised concerns about the speed of motorists within the zone. The main problem seems to be around    signage needed to remind drivers they are within the zone. Frances made the group aware of the different types of Traffic calming measures in place that included the use of cushioned stone raised tiles in the centre of the road and the rounded top plates, which are made to make all vehicles slow down as they drive over them.


The group was told about the cost of repeater signs which could cost a total of 10,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds and the money would have to come from a separate budget as Road Safety/Traffic Management could not justify the cost of the redevelopment of the zone.


The group was also told that in the last 6 years only 6 accidents had occurred and they had only been minor.It was also explained that money may be found in the area committee funding. Madge Saunders the Neighbourhood Action Officer told the group that the budget for this year had already been ear marked for other projects and it was not available to be committed to any further spending at this time.  The Traffic Management team informed the group that the signs that were being blocked by the telegraph post (on Bramcote Lane,) would be re-sited but no time scale was given for this to take place.



2. Kat Serafin PCSO


Gave an update to the group on the past two months crime figures.



3. Police Constable Dave Middleton has arranged for a group of 12 residents to see the Woodlands CCTV monitoring centre on the 4th.  May 2010 at 17.30hrs. Pc Middleton has asked the group to contact him directly so that transport can be arranged. Madge Saunders has kindly agreed to arrange a mini bus plus driver to collect and drop off residents wishing to attend.


4. LAG Priority


Residents have made the LAG aware that Anti-Social Behaviour including juveniles drinking is taking place in Rushford Park, Rushford Drive. Most evenings local youths have been heard in this area at night. Patrol’s to commence in the park and all drinkers found in this area will be dealt with accordingly.  C.P.O Graley to liase with the youth inclusion project workers in all cases.




5 Police Constable Middleton closed the meeting.